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Bizick is a comprehensive business directory and recommendation site for local businesses in St. Lucia complete with photos, maps, and information of businesses. Users can search by category, business name or location and find informative results that will help them make a decision on the best business for them. Bizick has the largest geo-location database of local businesses in St. Lucia so every business can easily be pinpointed on a map.

Bizick also helps people find great places to shop, dine and stay around St. Lucia with our online guides of best places to visit. Our mission is to put every business in St. Lucia on the map so anyone can find great local resources.

Our entire database of business listings can be accessed on internet enabled mobile phones at Bizick is also on social networks like Facebook and Twitter providing updated information to everyone. Bizick is developed and operated by Glace Web.

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With Bizick mobile users can access our full database of business information, photos and maps on the go at any time. Find a number for a business, its location on a map or photographs of any business on the go.

We understand that people love their mobile devices and so we want to make those devices work harder for you. We turn your cellphone into a information rich navigational device that gives you alot more power in the palm of your hands. We go beyond traditional printed directories ever can with the convinence that comes with a mobile device. With Bizick mobile every business is just one click away.

With Bizick mobile advertisers and users alike can harness the power and convience of mobile alerts. Get the latest sale promotion or coupon right on your mobile phone. You will always be up to date on what's happening with local events and more as they happen. Bizick mobile platform is just the begining to a whole new way of information sharing in St. Lucia.

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Bizick advertisers can reach online consumers through a range of advertising services like featured listings, banner and search ad placement, mailing list and social channels. Our website traffic and social channels provides exposure to thousands of monthly consumer searches exposing your ads and business to the people that are looking for you. Bizick emphasizes on location so that your business gets found no matter where you are located highlighting all your business locations at once.

Bizick gives business owners the ability to reach potential customers far and wide. Register your business for free or signup for our featured listing or corporate package which gives your business alot more reach online. People that come to Bizick are looking to acquire products and services, are you listed?