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(SNO) — Global pop superstar Rihanna hand-picked Dudley O’Shaughnessy as the on-screen love interest for her steamy “We Found Love” video, and the two reportedly embarked on a brief romantic entanglement. The two modelled together for the Barbadian singer’s FENTY brand,...


Protesting firefighters faced a dilemma in the wee hours of Thursday March 21st. The officers, who are withholding their services, were notified of a bush fire in Dennery, which was threatening the home of one of their colleagues. The men decided to respond to the emergency, halting their industrial...


The Saint Lucia Labor Party (SLP) says the Allen Chastanet administration failed to act on key decisions of its predecessor that would have alleviated the plight Of Saint Lucia’s fire-fighters.  Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre told the media on Wednesday, that between 2014 and 2016, the SLP g...
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