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Former Police Chief Suppo..

Former Police Commissioner, Cuthbert Phillips, believes it is time to decriminalise marijuana. Phillips observed that countries which at one time were opposed to the herb have now found it necessary to legalise its use. He told St Lucia Times he did not see any reason why people should be incarcerat...

Construction of Sandalsâ€..

(SNO) — A court injunction brought on by Landings Resort is holding back construction works of Sandals Resorts International (SRI) fourth hotel in Saint Lucia, called La Source. The injunction was sought to settle a dispute between the resorts over a small portion of land that Tourism Ministe...

UPDATED: Alleged “aggre..

(SNO) — A male suspect sustained gunshot wounds and at least one police officer sustained minor injuries during an incident in Belle Vue, Choiseul on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 15, according to reports. The suspect, identified as Zephrinus Jn Baptiste of Belle Vue, Choiseul, who is believed to ...
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