15 Aug

Castries is heating up

  1. August 15th, 2010

Caribbean Cocktails (Island Grill) is a newly opened bar and grill on the scenic waterfront of Castries. This hard to miss spot is located opposite the Conway Business Centre waterfront next to the roundabout. The location is one of the best in town for this type of business. The bar is in an outside setting exposing patrons to open air and a wonderful view of the harbor. There is lots of seating area for large groups and long seats attached to the outer walls for individuals.

The service is what one would expect in a restaurant setting with service at your table. The list of drinks are top notch with names like tequila, dirty silk panty, screaming orgasm, sex on the beach, blow job, b52, marijuana, heroine and lots more. You might just get high from reading the list.

The grill is close enough to the bar to entice you with its aroma and is well stoc

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17 Apr

Eat and drink all day

  1. April 17th, 2010

Majories restaurant (better known as Chris bar) is a restaurant in down town Castries. This restaurant is right in the middle of town and gets lots of foot traffic, especially at lunchtime. Some meals on the menu are beef, chicken and backs and are all well priced. In addition they serve chicken and beef roti but only later in the day (I guess they want to get the meals out first). Towards the end of the week (Thurs, Fri, Sat) there are other stuff like luby and fish meals. They do serve breakfast and my favorite is a combination of egg/harm/cheese sandwich. The environment is cool, there is a pool table in the back if you want to loose some dollars and the seating area is cooled by fans and a large open door so you can enjoy your meal in comfort.

The owner (Chris) is known by many and when buying a drink he won't be shy in asking for his drink. So you norma

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14 Apr

Coffee anyone?

  1. April 14th, 2010

Most days I visit Rituals Coffee House in down town Castries for some coffee, free internet and to plan my next move. I'm a web developer and having such a resource at my disposal is a gem. The atmosphere is welcoming with soft music, dimmed lights, I feel like i'm at home and sometimes don't want to leave.

They serve a wide variety of pastries (a bit on the high $$), cold and hot coffee drinks to keep you wired all day. It is normally crowded with locals and foreigners alike. Situated on the first floor of Blue Coral Mall it would be hard to miss.

The free internet is what really does it for me and i've grown dependent on it when in town. I fear others have made it their own hence the high traffic all with laptops of all sizes. It feels like a real cyber cafe' with everyone getting their fix of coffee and hacking away at their keyboards.


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