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Dallas’ black District ..

(NEWSONE) – Exactly a month ago Tuesday, Amber Guyger, the 30-year-old officer who killed Botham Shem Jean in his own home, was charged with manslaughter. This after she was already on the streets for 72 hours after the shooting. However, activists have been demanding that Guyger be charged wi...

Police Reportedly Allowed..

Atlanta Black Star:-  The social media accounts of fired Dallas officer Amber Guyger have come into question amid reports that police allowed Guyger ample time to scrub her online activity as they continue their investigation into the fatal shooting of Botham Jean. In an interview with civil ri...

Local rugby referee excel..

(SNO) – Chantel John, a rugby player since 2004, has been making waves in the rugby world of refereeing. John starting refereeing in 2015, doing a level 1 rugby refereeing course. She did not stop there, as she continued to do online line courses in all areas of rugby, but focusing on refereei...
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