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Bushes need cutting, says..

(SNO) — A resident of Canaries is calling on the authorities to cut the bushes along the roadway in the community, The resident pointed out that the “Belvedere Road” is like a road running through a jungle. “We tired of that,” the resident said. (2)(2) The post Bushes n...

Two Castries Council secu..

(SNO) — Investigators are probing a theory that the latest shooting death of Hardy John in Marchand, Castries Thursday morning (Sept. 20) may be linked to the death of Stephen “Face” Francis who was gunned down in Wilton’s Yard, Castries,  just over a month ago, according to...

364 derelict vehicles to ..

(PRESS RELEASE) – Residents from around the island may soon experience a reduction in breeding sites for vectors particularly rats and mosquitoes. A joint operation to remove derelict vehicles along the carriage ways while securing public health has gotten under way. The St. Lucia Solid Waste ...
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