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Cancer Patient Says Detec..

As Saint Lucia observes Cancer Awareness Month, cancer patient, Dr. Vasantha Chase, is encouraging men and women to get tested, declaring that detection of the disease is not a death sentence. Chase has asserted that early detection provides the best protection. She stressed  the importance of cond...

Amber Guyger’s arrest a..

(STAR-TELEGRAM) — An arrest affidavit for the off-duty Dallas police officer accused of killing Botham Jean contradicts a search warrant for his apartment. But police say evidence found at the scene confirms that Jean was across the room when he was shot. Amber Guyger, 30, is charged with mans...

Caribbean Looking to Incr..

Already at a whopping US$4 billion, experts say the Region’s food import bill continues to skyrocket     Caribbean Week in Agriculture (CWA) 2018 host country Barbados has challenged the regional agriculture industry to reduce the annual US$4 billion food import bill by 25% over the next...
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