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Child Bill available for ..

Press Release:–  The Department of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment and Human Services, wishes to inform the public that the Child (Care, Protection and Adoption) Bill and Child Justice Bill will be up for discussion at the next sitting of Parliament on Oct. 30. The public is hereby not...

Canadian cannabis revenue..

1st National Bank’s eighth Stanley French Educational Forum on Saturday, October 13, offered an insight into the legal realities about to hit the Caribbean like a tsunami of bad news when Canada and other jurisdictions legalise marijuana. The problem is that in the local legalisation debate, it no...

Pierre writes Chastanet a..

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to seek parliamentary approval for a loan it has given to the construction company called Fresh Start or else it would go to court over the matter. “I had hoped that you would have honoured the law and ob...
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