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Saint Lucia sightings of ..

(SNO) — Martinique law enforcement officials have renewed their calls for witnesses to come forward in the search for 21-year-old citizen Aude Jean-Alexis, who has been missing since November 15, 2017. The prosecutor launched this call on Wednesday, October 10 after a lead that she was sight...


(PRESS RELEASE) — Shem Meluce, has been named the best Country/Bluegrass Solo artist for the 2018 Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards in Atlanta, over the past weekend. The Prayze Factor awards is a prestigious one, purposed to create a platform for and bring optimal exposure to Gospel arti...

Winners of the Saint Luci..

(PRESS RELEASE) — After a very fun and exciting Selfie Challenge in St. Lucia, Mistik Global Entertainment is very proud to announce the winners of our Selfie Challenge. First off, we would like to say a special thank you to all our contestants in the Challenge. We greatly appreciate you guys ...
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