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The St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling on the government to set the example, not only for fellow ministers, but for the nation, by relieving Guy Joseph of his ministerial responsibilities, if the allegations against him are correct. The SLP wants the letter bearing the signature of the minister...

Nanthan, Charles to face ..

The Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control (WICBC) is scheduled to meet in Saint Lucia this coming weekend (May 25-26). Top of the agenda will be an election of officers. The two most keenly contested positions, from all reports, will be the presidency and vice-presidency. Emmanuel Nanthan, who w...


The Civil Service Association (CSA) is calling for a long outstanding matter with St. Lucia Electricity Service (LUCELEC) to be resolved. The CSA says that it is frustrated by the slow pace of progress in the industrial relations matter.  ...
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