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No outbreak of ‘Hand, F..

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Ministry of Health and Wellness has clarified the situation as it related to Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease of island and has dismissed an audio recording circulating on social media claiming an outbreak of the disease. The Community Pediatrician in the Ministry of Health ...

Trinidad: Female pastor s..

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — A Long­denville pas­tor was al­leged­ly stabbed to death by an­oth­er pas­tor last night. The blood­shed evoked hor­ror among wor­ship­pers in the com­mu­ni­ty of Gill Trace, La­m­ont Street, Long­denville, where the de­ceased Al­isa Ali lived and wor­...

Rapper dies after falling..

Sky News:-  Rapper Jon James McMurray has fallen to his death after a video shoot on the wing of a plane mid-flight went tragically wrong. The 34-year-old Canadian had been training “intensively” for the stunt which involved rapping while walking along the wing of a plane, according to...
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