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Flow connects Saltibus wi..

(PRESS RELEASE) — Hundreds of residents in the communities of Daban, Getrine, La Haut, Londonderry, Park Estate and Saltibus can now apply for high-speed broadband access and take advantage of high-definition television, as a major technology exercise is underway in those communities. Starting...

Desrameaux road unstable,..

(SNO) — Motorists are urged to proceed with caution when travelling in Desrameaux, Monchy as the road near the Spring Water depot has become unstable due to a partial collapse of the hillside on Friday (Oct. 19), according to reports. Based on photos and video obtained by St. Lucia News Online...

Video of displeased Soufr..

(SNO) — A video of a contestant in a pageant in Saint Lucia throwing away her certificate and storming off the stage crying after the winner was announced, has gone viral. That incident occurred at the La Wen Jennes Pageant held on Sunday evening (Oct. 14) in Soufriere. In the video, someone s...
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