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The Caribbean Pushing Bac..

The Caribbean and Pacific regions are partnering to push back against the latest round of threats to the coconut industry. In August, a Harvard University Epidemiology professor said her research shows that coconut oil is ‘pure poison.’ It was a blow to a sector that has taken previous beatings ...

Caribbean Looking to Incr..

Already at a whopping US$4 billion, experts say the Region’s food import bill continues to skyrocket     Caribbean Week in Agriculture (CWA) 2018 host country Barbados has challenged the regional agriculture industry to reduce the annual US$4 billion food import bill by 25% over the next...

Man fought and killed sna..

(BBC) — An Arizona man has survived two days trapped alone in an abandoned mine shaft with rattlesnakes. He killed three of the snakes while waiting to be discovered, according to rescue crews. John Waddell, 62, was lowering himself into a 100ft (30m) gold mine shaft, when his equipment broke...
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