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By David Jessop As this is being written an uneasy calm prevails in Haiti following nearly two weeks of widespread demonstrations against the government of President Jovenal Moïse. Protesters had been demanding his resignation, blocking roads, burning vehicles and attacking government buildings and businesses in many parts of the country including the capital Port-au-Prince. More […]

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By Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela The people of Venezuela are suffering from man-made political and economic crises that have transformed a once thriving and prosperous democracy into a place beset by poverty, corruption, and repression. More than three million Venezuelans have fled and sought refuge in other countries. Maduro and his cronies have bled the […]

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Dear Sir: With the Buccament Resort being reopened under new management … we now have a wonderful platform for increasing our capacity to host visitors to our country (Searchlight newspaper editorial, January 4, 2019). *** “UNLESS SOMETHING extraordinary happens between now and the end of April, we can count the reopening of the Buccament Bay […]

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Dear Sir: In an attempt to stop medical and food aid reaching the starving and sick people, Nicolas Maduro has ordered the military to close border crossings with both Brazil and Colombia. Today at one of the Colombia closed border crossings the sound of rapid gunfire echoed near the Simón Bolívar bridge, where Venezuelan authorities […]

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Five former regional prime ministers, including Saint Lucia’s Doctor Kenny Anthony,  have expressed concern that the interventionist threats by some countries in response to the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could have implications for peace within the region, it has been reported. According to Barbados Today, in a statement signed by  Anthony, Owen Arthur […]

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On February 13, 2019, the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations issued a circular to the parents of the Ave Maria Girls’ Infant School, instructing them to keep their wards home on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 February to “facilitate improvement to the physical plant in order to enhance mobility for students with disabilities”.

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