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Saint Lucia police Monday began a one-week training session in human rights and social justice. The session is being spearheaded by Howard University Lecturer and Human Rights expert, Doctor Edwin Powell. It is being held at the National Apprenticeship Programme Conference Room in Vieux Fort and has been organised by the Police Welfare Association (PWA). […]

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Press Release:–  The Public is hereby notified that in keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of LPG 20 and 22 lb cylinders, gasoline and diesel remains unchanged. The prices of LPG 100 lb cylinder and kerosene have been changed. The price […]

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Employees of the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) downed tools Monday morning in what one of the workers said was a ‘sit in protest’ against management plans to introduce new working arrangements. According to the disgruntled employee, the protest is over plans to introduce extended working hours and a new shift system. “It not going to […]

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(BBC) — Opposition demonstrators in Haiti have burnt tyres and thrown stones, urging President Jovenel Moise to step down. At least four people have been killed and dozens injured in four days of protests in the capital Port-au-Prince and other cities. Many Haitians accuse Mr Moise and other officials of corruption. Thousands have taken to ...

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(SEARCHLIGHT) — A man whom Canadian authorities jailed and deported after he knowingly passed on HIV to lovers is now back in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Steve Alphonso Ralph arrived in SVG on Thursday February 7, 2019. The 41-year-old, who will be 42 on Valentine’s Day, is originally from the East St. George ...

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(BARBADOS NATION) — A law enforcement advisor from United States has recommended that the Caribbean establish a Crime Gun Intelligence Centre to deal with gun smuggling and gun crimes. Jean-Marc Behar, who worked with four Caribbean countries, including Jamaica between 2013 and 2017, assisting with combating firearms trafficking and firearms violence, said there was a ...

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(BARBADOS TODAY) — Members of the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee stood along the roadside in Wildey, holding placards protesting against Juan Guaido’s declaring himself president. The were also protesting against what the called the undemocratic approach of the United States. Standing s short distance away from the United States Embassy, the group led by ...

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(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — The State has to fork out close to $.3 million to compensate a Barrack­pore mother and her two children for malicious prosecution after she was pulled over by police in 2013 for not wearing her seatbelt, but was instead charged with resis­ting arrest and using obscene language. The assessment was made by ...

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(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — People tend to guard their reputations jealously and posting defamatory comments on social media can result in “perpetrators” being hauled before the courts. It is still defamatory to call someone a homosexual, and revenge porn (against a former partner) can get you into trouble. Former journalist now High Court judge Justice Kathy-Ann ...

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(NEWS DAY) — Imagine surviving on US$6 a month and all you can afford is a two-pound chicken or maybe a tube of toothpaste. That is what the average Venezuelan earns per month because of the deepening crisis in what was once Latin America’s richest country. Venezuelans flee the country daily to Trinidad and other ...

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