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Dear Sir: Love him or hate him, Guyanese Member of Parliament (MP) Charrandas Persaud had the courage to stand and swim against the political rip currents of the Essequibo River. And for that extraordinary courage based on a conscience vote, he must be honoured, even idolised as the Mahatma Gandhi of Guyana. Already there are […]

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Dear Sir: Recently I was engaged in a conversation on the import of electric vehicles into Trinidad and Tobago. They were lauded for their energy efficiency and the lack of carbon based emissions into the atmosphere, ignoring that of the prime mover, which produces the electricity. Another current conversation is into the need to introduce […]

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Dear Sir: I watched a video of a speech The Honorable Louis Farrakhan gave back in 1985 and I was amazed by his candor in regards to black people in America and the Caribbean. He talked about people having integrity and honesty — your word being your bond. Sometimes folks want to blame the quintessential […]

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A Desruisseaux resident  who said she is a patient at Victoria Hospital,has reported being robbed of valuables while she she took a nap in the medical ward of the institution Wednesday afternoon. Victoria Hospital officials have confirmed that they are investigating the matter. Stella Joseph told St Lucia Times that the matter was reported to […]

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The New Year began with a barrage of salvos across the Taiwan Straits between China’s President Xi Jinping and the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. Xi Jinping whom I now insist on calling Winnie the Pooh or the Chinese Panda thought that he could make a 40th anniversary speech that would put fear into the hearts […]

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