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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has announced a US$106.5 million programme of assistance for The Bahamas, over the period 2018-2022. The programme is outlined in a new country strategy paper for the country, which was approved by CDB’s board of directors on October 25. “This strategy has been designed in collaboration with […]

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The US Coast Guard returned 71 of 81 interdicted migrants to law enforcement authorities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, over the weekend following multiple at sea interdictions off Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Ten other migrants interdicted are facing federal prosecution in Puerto Rico for attempting to illegally re-enter […]

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By Stephen A Cooper VAN NUYS, USA — In an introductory essay to “Yes, Rasta” (Powerhouse Books 2000) – described by the New Yorker as “a book of dramatic black-and-white portraits of Rastafarians set against a lush Jamaican landscape” by Patrick Cariou – Perry Henzell, director of the hit movie “The Harder They Come” writes: […]

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By Mike Jarvis ‘Appeal’ as indicated in the heading is a rhetorical question. There will no doubt be extensive post mortems on the outcome of the referenda in Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada (where the membership bid has now failed twice) on having the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their final appellate court. Both […]

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By Melanius Alphonse Stripping away the smoke screens of ideology and public relations, political leader, Philip J Pierre, in addressing the annual conference of the Saint Lucia Labour party (SLP), stated: “I am no showman, nor am I an actor, my detractors say I stammer but I rather stammer the truth than be speaking lies […]

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By Dr Ernest Hilaire The parliamentary sitting in Saint Lucia of October 30 was quite depressing. With another family facing tragedy, our thoughts were with these families. The premature end to the business of the day was just as well; it was an all round frightening day. My condolences to all the families suffering from […]

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By Iris Monnereau, PhD The Caribbean fisheries sector has been identified as particularly vulnerable to climate change, resulting in the recent development of a regional Protocol on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management in Fisheries and Aquaculture, building onto the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy (CCCFP). It is hoped that this protocol can provide […]

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Dear Sir: Our failure to capitalize on our own airspace is losing us millions of dollars each year. Most Bahamians may be unaware, but every aircraft that flies within our national boundaries pays a fee, a kind of tax if you will, for right of passage through our territory. The problem is, currently, those fees, […]

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Dear Sir: The inactions of the ministry of education and its lackadaisical treatment of students of the Guayaguayare RC Primary School and the Rio Claro ASJA Primary School have resulted in both schools being closed since the beginning of the term for repairs. The Guayaguayare RC Primary School is around 60 percent completed. However, a […]

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