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By Tsai Tsan-Po With transnational crime on the rise, it is imperative that law enforcement agencies worldwide establish mutual links and efficient cooperation. To achieve INTERPOL’s key aims, such as ensuring and promoting the widest possible mutual assistance between all criminal police authorities, Taiwan must be included. Indeed, Taiwan seeks to work with law enforcement […]

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Dear Sir: The politicians we elect to the seat of governance of this blessed and beautiful twin island country are over the years searching high and low for new ways to squander our hard earned tax dollars, while failing to properly govern and maintain the basic facilities and institutions that were inherited from colonialism. Not […]

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Dear Sir: At this moment, in 2018, ours is not an “anticolonial” struggle. Our enemy is not some alien force that has invaded Antigua and Barbuda to impose ways of living and thinking inimical to our collective aspirations. This is not the 19th century or pre-1967. People who were born a few months before 1967 […]

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Dear Sir: In the Barbados Advocate newspaper of Friday November 2, 2018, it states at page 1, “Arthur: Sell BNTCL, Hilton”. This article reports that Mr Owen Arthur, former prime minister of Barbados, states, “Sell the Barbados National Terminal Co Ltd and the Barbados Hilton and stop the heavy taxation.” Mr Owen Arthur, as ex-prime […]

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Dear Sir: The key roles of an independent Office of Budgets (OOB) is to inform the public on the effects of proposals and decisions, to make state enterprises attractive to investors, to dispose of loss makers, to predict economic growth and declines and to track sectors’ and industries’ advances. Informing the public on the effects […]

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City Police Officers Sunday arrested a 23 year old Leslie Land resident for possession of a cutlass in his trousers, a law enforcement official has reported. The young man was arrested in Constitution Park about 1.30 PM during a patrol by members of the City Police Department, it was disclosed. The Leslie Land resident was […]

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