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Barbados Nation:–  LIAT IS STAYING in the air in spite of its financial challenges. hat commitment is coming from the regional airline’s chief executive officer (CEO) Julie Reifer-Jones, who said they would push to continue their daily operating schedule. In a media statement yesterday, she said the carrier was committed to connecting the region and […]

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GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands (CNS) – The department of tourism has revealed yet another, overnight arrivals record, after 59,563 guests visited the Cayman Islands in March. Not only does that figure represent an increase of 8.37 percent over March last year, but it is also the single largest number of stay-over visitor in any month […]

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By Adrian Loveridge While watching an episode of Caribbean Life on HGTV (Home and Garden Television) hosted by our very own Cherita O’Dell recently, highlighting available property opportunities on Barbados, it struck me as one of the areas that really needs much greater attention to attract increased foreign exchange. According to available data, over 96 […]

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By Arley Gill The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is of great national significance to the people of France and undoubtedly, it also holds an iconic place in religious and world history. I was truly saddened by the fire that gutted the building April 15. As a student of history, I have an appreciation for the […]

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By Raja Kadri Every civilisation has a unique historical narrative. Some perceive themselves as natural custodians of certain human values such as freedom, liberty and order. Others believe that they are work in progress toward some divine utopia of social harmony and tranquillity. And then there is a Chinese civilisation. So unique and convinced of […]

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By Brendan T Berry The Mueller report about the Trump team’s interactions with Russian interests and obstructive activities undertaken by President Donald Trump himself laid out a clear four-step rationale as to why special counsel Robert S Mueller did not explicitly state that President Trump had committed a crime. 1) Two memorandums from the Department […]

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Dear Sir: Is the media vexed with the commissioner of police Gary Griffith because of a raid on a media house? Applying pressure to him because they are worried about the heavy hand of the law? Okay, let’s follow that logic. Where’s the pressure on the attorney general who just piloted a law that makes […]

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Dear Sir: The question that many that support the two major political parties in Trinidad and Tobago ask is; where will the Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago (DPTT) and other similar third parties source funds to compete against the PNM and UNC? The major parties own the activists. These professional political campaigners put up […]

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Saint Lucian Pilot, Silvanius Ernest, has reiterated a position he says he has consistently articulated – that it will be only a matter of time before the financially strapped regional airline LIAT, collapses. Ernest, who is also an aircraft mechanic, says no one is paying attention. “One of the things I want to say is […]

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Dear Sir: Despite some early opposition, Prime Minister Keith Claudius Mitchell was elected member of parliament for St George Northwest and has held that seat until now. In 1989, he was elected as the political leader of the New National Party (NNP), defeating the then prime minister, Herbert Blaize. He successfully led the party to […]

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