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The issue of security took centre stage on Wednesday at a community meeting organised by the Gros Islet Police sub-division. At the head table of the area’s Human Resource Development Centre were the acting police commissioner Milton Desir, ASP Elvis Thomas, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and the constituency’s MP Lenard Montoute. Concerned residents attended in full force.

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Trying to find Philip J Pierre in his New Year’s address was a bit of a task. So much did his words and their tone echo those of his larger than life predecessor. Although this writer could not confirm the rumour, it is widely bruited about that Kenny Anthony’s speechwriter, when Anthony was prime minister, penned the New Year’s message delivered on Sunday by the House opposition leader. This might explain the contradictions, and the absence of any hint that an administration led by Pierre would be different from the one he served for over 20 years. The speech contained the usual finger-pointing at Allen Chastanet, which would not be so bad if anything remotely new was indicated. Al...

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Police are investigating a double homicide at Bogius, Babonneau, law enforcement officials have confirmed. The officials told St Lucia Times that the bodies of two young men were discovered in a semi-remote area of the community Saturday morning after 8.00 am. They disclosed that residents had reported hearing gunshots Friday night. A senior law enforcement […]

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Those in our communities who live with disabilities often find their voices are not properly heard, and accordingly their professional talents are not fully utilised in business and the workforce. Estimates vary across nations but the Latin American region collectively has some 85 million people who live with a disability.

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Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has been responding to criticism that he’s weak because he has not quarrelled publicly with Doctor Kenny Anthony. Pierre served for many years as Anthony’s deputy leader in the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and his second in command when Anthony was Prime Minister. He became leader of the […]

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As difficult as it is for most of us to acknowledge, the humbling truth is that we have almost always depended on the kindness of strangers from faraway lands. Yes, foreigners! Another ineluctable fact: In 200 years we’ve done little to lift the anchors of our past, perchance to pursue a future of our own design. Conceivably we’ve been too busy expending time and energy blaming one another for our plight, with minds blighted by books we did not write, and words designed to keep us nailed to our self-hatred, our suffocating insecurity and our unshakeable belief in the notion of free lunches.

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BBC News:- The death toll from a newly-discovered coronavirus in China has risen to 41 on the day of the Lunar New Year. Another 15 deaths in Hubei province, where the outbreak began, were announced on Saturday. Health officials are struggling to contain the outbreak as millions of people travel for the Chinese new year, one […]

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Fifty-four young Saint Lucians have entered the workforce as they commenced training at the Harbor Club Friday, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says. Chastanet announced on his official Facebook page that the youths are being trained for positions as customer service representatives and verification agents at KM2. He said according to trainers at the orientation Friday […]

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BBC News:– An African-American man is suing a bank in the Detroit area after employees called the police when he tried to deposit money he had been awarded in a racial discrimination suit. Sauntore Thomas was trying to deposit the cheques from the settlement with his former employer. However, a bank employee – herself African-American – […]

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