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Prime minister and minister for finance Allen Chastanet says st. Lucia’s debt burden is hampering the government’s ability to grow the economy. Chastanet says with almost 8 hundred million dollars of st. Lucia’s expenditure going towards the payment of salaries and debt, there is not much left to invest in growth promoting projects. Tape The …
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BBC News:- A massive fire has swept through a slum in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, leaving 50,000 people homeless. About 15,000 homes were destroyed in the Chalantika slum late on Friday. Many homes had plastic roofs, which helped the flames to spread. No deaths have been reported, although several people were injured. Most residents are […]

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The Castries Constituency Council in connection and the City Police generated $237,500.00 EC in illegal parking fines for the period 12th March 2019 to 31st July 2019, according to a council official.  The parking fines were imposed amid a fresh campaign by the City Police to ticket motorists engage in unauthorized parking in parking lots […]

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