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Rainfall on Wednesday afternoon could not deter family members and friends of the late Arnold Joseph from hosting a vigil in his honour. A fifth form student at the Entrepot Secondary School, the 17-year-old was fatally shot during an attempt to stop a vehicle in which he was travelling with two other individuals.

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That explanation did not fly with Ludicia Gabriel, mother of the two Gabriels who survived the police shooting. “I want the truth to come out so we can be done with this case,” she said. “I know my children. I know they are not violent children, so I just want these things to be cleared up. My older son, Glen, cannot work because he is nursing a gunshot wound. Right now he’s asking why these things are happening to him because he knows he doesn’t put himself into those kinds of situations. He was just going to drop Arnold off at his mother’s home in La Clery and look at what ended up happening.”

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Citizenship by Investment Programmes occupy a controversial place within the Caribbean. While regional nations like Saint Lucia, Dominica and Grenada have established CIP industries to go the distance, as a global commodity, CIPs are also subject to change and evolution via supply and demand, like any other product.

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If only for a few more days, last Tuesday’s House session will be remembered. But not for the motions controversially adopted. The seasonal criers for decorum and civility, if only during meetings of parliament, will as usual seek to keep on their political front burners Guy Joseph’s hardly precedential encounter with media personnel, two of whom were especially interested in the MP’s “disrespectful” comments at a recent United Workers Party rally.

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