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Grenada did not successfully defend their Windward Islands Women’s Football title, but instead delivered a death blow to the Saint Lucia team who were on the verge of winning the title. Last Saturday was the final day of the three-day tournament which took place at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground (DSCG), with Saint Lucia needing a win or tie to claim the championship.

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A giant manta ray was recorded appearing to seek help from a snorkeler in Australia to remove metal hooks from her face. Stunning footage showed the 10-foot sea creature attempt to get the attention of the snorkeling instructor, Jake Wilton, in Ningaloo Coast reef near Western Australia, NBC News reported on Friday. The manta ray, ...

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(NEW YORK POST) — Savage-as-hell ticks — which recently killed a fifth cow by sucking its blood until it died — are coming for us humans next. Infectious disease researchers are becoming increasingly alarmed at the murderous Asian Longhorned tick, which has made its way from farm animals to an unsuspecting Yonkers man, Ars Technica ...

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(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Chris Rivers walked away from an abusive ex-lover last year and had been trying to rebuild her life. As Rivers recovered from the physical and mental abuse, she tried to rearrange her life and, to avoid seeing him, had requested to work in a location far away from him. However, on the ...

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(NEW YORK POST) — A Florida woman has been warning people on Facebook about a flesh-eating bacteria that her father contracted while swimming — which took his life less than 48 hours later. “Flesh Eating Bacteria sounds like an urban legend,” said Cheryl Bennett Wiygul, of Niceville, in a post Wednesday. “Let me assure you ...

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(PAGE SIX) — “Dog the Bounty Hunter” revealed late wife Beth Chapman‘s final wishes ahead of her Colorado memorial on Saturday. “I’ve never done ashes in my life, and that’s what she wanted. And then she wants me to do it and put in the same thing and I guess put on the fireplace or ...

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