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After 15 years at the helm of the Saint Lucia National Trust, the organisation’s Director Bishnu Tulsie proceeded on pre-retirement vacation leave on February 1 until the end of June. In his absence Jeannine Compton-Antoine, since last December the Trust’s corporate services manager, has assumed the position of Officer in Charge.

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Press Release:-  In a judgment released today, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rejected an appeal to recover commission on the sale of land in Dominica in the matter of Hilary Shillingford v Angel Peter Andrew and Gloria Burnette nee Shillingford [2020] CCJ 2 (AJ). Mr Angel Andrew had filed a claim in 2008 against […]

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The latest report from the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) is grim reading. Money laundering, human and drug trafficking, illegal gambling, tax evasion – Caribbean financial services providers are playing host to a range of evils, many of which are able to slip through the cracks of insecure, insufficient and inefficient regulatory structures.

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National Trust Door Closes On Woman Pro! So ran the front-page headline of the Mirror newspaper of 10 January 2003. The accompanying item concerned a Saint Lucian female who had been the general manager of the National Development Corporation and in July 2002 had applied for the advertised job of Programs Manager at the Saint Lucia National Trust.

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Press Release:– Conservationists have expressed disapproval over the illegal dumping of waste near the causeway leading to the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Derelict containers, bulky waste, green waste, and construction and demolition material all form part of the refuse being dumped at a private lot near the Pigeon Island causeway. The National Conservation Authority (NCA), […]

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Press Release:– The Training Division of the Department of the Public Service is responsible for ensuring that the right training  are made available to government employees, in keeping with their training and development needs. The Division has been embarking on a series of training programmes primarily focused on report writing, an area which has been identified […]

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It was a chaotic scene in the middle of the capital on valentine’s day, as our news crew happened upon an attack on a man in constitution park by an elderly woman brandishing mace. Visibly shaken, bystanders were sent scampering as the caustic and pungent smell of the fumes from the aerosol spray permeated the …
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