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(BBC) – Prostate cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed cancer in England, overtaking breast cancer for the first time, latest figures show. In 2018 there were nearly 50,000 registered cases – around 8,000 more than in 2017. Public Health England says it is because more men are getting tested. And that is thanks to ...

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(BBC) – Campaigners are urging the government to outlaw “virginity repair” surgery. Many Muslim women risk being outcast, or in extreme cases killed, if their spouses or families discover they have had sex before marriage. And some are opting for a medical procedure in which doctors restore a layer of membrane at the entrance to ...

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(NEW YORK POST) – China is using HIV drugs to treat the deadly coronavirus as experts search for a cure, according to a report. Beijing officials with China’s National Health Commission said two drugs used to combat HIV are being recommended to treat pneumonia symptoms from the virus, Bloomberg reported. Patients are being advised to ...

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Press Release:– A week-long session for the training of trainers in “Safety of Fishers’ at Sea” took place at the Belle Jou Hotel, last week. The session’s aim was to teach and bring awareness to new methods implemented for the safety of fishermen. The Fisheries Department in collaboration with the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the […]

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Saint Lucia is updating its influenza preparedness plans as the China coronavirus continues to spread. The announcement has come from Chief Medical Officer (CMO)  Doctor Sharon Belmar-George. “Although the risk level for the Caribbean sub-region is currently classified as low and the disease is at an early stage of the outbreak, the Department of Health […]

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The sugar industry is woven deeply within this region’s history of slavery. In more recent decades it has generated a new source of anxiety (albeit not to the same scope as the harrowing period of chains and forced labour), with predictions of its impending collapse and the resultant threat to the livelihood of many in the Caribbean family.

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet in his New Year's address on Sunday January 12 spoke of the future of Radio Saint Lucia, once known as “the nation’s station”. In his 2017 Budget Address the prime minister had revealed that RSL’s closure was inevitable. The station had “lost its way”. He had reminded the nation that the company’s accumulated losses totalled $3,362,725. A loss of $515,497 was recorded in 2015; $543,000 was owed to the National Insurance Corporation and $231,000 in unpaid taxes. He had noted that when RSL was established, radio was the most widely used tool for mass media. There was possibly one other station to compete with.

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