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ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) — Canada has told Caribbean visitors with new electronic passports that they should refrain from travelling with both passports. In a statement, the Canadian government said rather, travellers are advised to transfer the visa counterfoil to the new passport to avoid delays at the airport when boarding flights to Canada. “Delays […]

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Press Release:-  The Department of Sustainable Development is reminding the general public of the phased approach to reduce single-use plastic which took effect on Aug. 1, 2019. This phased approach is enforced by the Styrofoam® and Plastics (Prohibition) Act No. 22 of 2019 enacted Aug. 1, 2019, which supports a ban on the importation of […]

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A Bisee family who lost their home to fire prior to the Christmas holidays are still picking up the pieces. Loved ones had expressed resolve to rebuild the family home before Christmas. Although they fell short of the goal, the clan is undaunted in their quest to be together again under one roof.
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by Amanda Faye Clarke, Ministry of Agriculture The Saint Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation has a new face, and a new name: Lucian Blue Ocean Seafoods. The development which has been supported by the Government of Saint Lucia will see the partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture and the entity provide the storage and sale of […]

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A resident of Piat, Grande Riviere, was rushed to hospital via ambulance Friday afternoon after armed bandits wounded him as he struggled with them. According to eyewitness reports, at least two bandits entered the man’s home about 4.00 pm. “The guy put up a fight and held on to the gun belonging to on of […]

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BBC News:– A woman disguised herself as a teenage boy to sexually assault girls after grooming them online. Gemma Watts posed as 16-year-old “Jake Waton” on social media and swapped intimate photos with victims before meeting at locations across England. Watts, 21, of Enfield, pleaded guilty at Winchester Crown Court to sexual offences involving four girls […]

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