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Press Release:-  The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy informs the motoring and pedestrian public of the start of the second and final phase of the Sandals to Choc Road Widening Project on Saturday November 23, 2019.  These finishing works which include Milling and Asphalting are schedule to be complete in eight days. All works will […]

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November 22nd marked the annual observance of St. Cecilia’s day – the feast of musicians and the annual street concert hosted by Steve’s barber shop was one of the highlights of activities in the city centre. The feast of St. Cecilia serves a two fold purpose for roman Catholics. It signals the start of the …
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The cannabis commission had its official coming out party on Friday. The latest committee tasked with overseeing the long march to the decriminalization of marijuana, is laying the ground work for a draft policy framework for cabinet approval. However public consultation is a key component of the process.
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Open Letter to the Government of Saint Lucia and the Nation November 22nd 2019, Saint Lucia In relation to the Petition by Cas en Bas to Pointe Hardy Advocates, “Maintain local rights and promote sustainable development! Save our Coast!” at time of sending, supported by 2,213 signatories. We urge the Government of Saint Lucia […]

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Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry, vowing that he will continue to fight for his men and ensure that whatever working conditions they have is the best, has urged police officers to do their best even when there is mould. He told a ceremony earlier this week to hand over the newly renovated Soufriere police station that […]

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by Terry Finisterre In January 2018, Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading female high jumper won her event in T?inec, Czech Republic, with a Caribbean indoor record 1.95m. On that occasion, Levern Spencer was seen embracing a white-haired coach, beaming with pride as she took victory on the second stop of the Moravia High Jump […]

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(NEW YORK POST) —  An Ohio woman was sentenced to 37 years in prison on Tuesday for suffocating three of her boys to death because she was jealous over attention they got from her husband. Brittany Pilkington received the sentence as part of a plea deal that prevented her from facing the death penalty for ...

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