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Denroy Pierre sat dejected in an office at the Saint Lucia Fire Service. Last Thursday he had witnessed his Wilton’s Yard home, along with those of his closest friends, being swallowed by flames. One week later, on April 25 at around 10 am, he was trying to answer the questions put to him by Owen Cazaubon, the sub-officer responsible for investigations relating to the devastating fire. Understandably hesitant after his time with the fireman, Pierre nevertheless agreed to revisit, for my purposes, the night he lost his home.

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“If you look at the history of regional integration, one of the biggest ironies in the Anglophone Caribbean is that we were more united when we were British subjects than when we are independent subjects in control of our own destiny.” Speaking at a town hall meeting in Guadeloupe last month, OECS Director General Dr Didacus Jules highlighted the importance of overcoming the Caribbean’s divisive history and moving forward as a fully integrated region.

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Antigua Observer:- The Police Administration within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has confirmed that two police constables attached to the police force were arrested in the United States for alleged larceny,” a release to the media from STRATCOM said yesterday. It said the office of the Commissioner of Police received confirmation of […]

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Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond has made his first media appearance since the latest controversy that resulted in the public service minister proceeding on leave, amid a government of Saint Lucia investigation. Dr. Raymond was a guest on talk with journalist Rick Wayne on Thursday. The television talk show appearance follows leaked telephone conversations, purportedly between …
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