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Press Release:– On Wednesday, 25 September 2019, I was taken into custody with respect to an outstanding matter which had its origins some years ago. I take full responsibility for the events which led to this unfortunate situation as it was my carelessness, most of all, which contributed to this. For any embarrassment caused to […]

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Millet bus drivers who last month decided to suspend service to two areas of the community, are considering their next move. The drivers are expected to have a meeting with the umbrella body that represents bus drivers in Saint Lucia – the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) to discuss the way forward. The bus […]

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Sky News:- Three suspected drug smugglers had to be rescued after they were found floating on 1.2 tonnes of cocaine off Colombia’s coast. The trio’s boat had sunk in the high seas of the Pacific Ocean, forcing them to use their cocaine packs as floaties. They were found by Colombian army officers some 30 miles off […]

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Saint Lucia police Tuesday announced that a massive operation on Sunday resulted in seven persons being arrested and charged, plus the seizure of illegal guns, ammunition and suspected marijuana. Assistant Commissioner of Police George Nicholas told reporters that the operation involved over 71 officers. Nicholas explained that checks were conducted from Canaries in the West, […]

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A Dallas judge Monday defended her decision to hug convicted killer Amber Guyger and give her a bible, asserting that Guyger requested the embrace, according to US media reports. Judge Tammy Kemp has been accused of violating ethics and engaging in religious coercion. Both she and Brandt Jean hugged the former Dallas cop who was […]

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Snake bite victim ‘Joe Knows’ has sought medical attention at La Maynard Hospital in Martinique. The acclaimed Saint Lucia Tour Operator whose real name is Josiah Castang, reported being bitten by a fer de lance as he visited a waterfall in Anse La Raye last month. Castang hit out at the Caribbean Doctors Association which […]

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Press Release:– Martin Hanna continues to make strides in the technological and entrepreneurial spheres as he has been selected to attend the Entrepreneurship World Cup in November 2019. The 20 year old resident of Rodney Bay, is the founder and CEO of Penny Pinch; a digital savings platform allowing businesses to connect to shoppers via cashback, […]

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CNN:– Four members of the same family drowned at a dam in India Sunday after slipping into the water while trying to take a selfie. Newlywed bride V Nivedha, 20, died alongside family members Sneha, 22, Kanniga, 20, and Santosh, 14, who was the first to slip into the water, according to local police in […]

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The Caribbean’s dependence on fossil fuels may be bad news for the environment but it’s good news for energy investors as the region explores the lucrative possibilities of renewable energies. Solar, geothermal, even tidal and wind power – the Caribbean is uniquely suited to many forms of renewable energy generation, thanks to its advantageous climate and geography, so it’s no surprise that investors in this field are turning their attention to the islands.

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