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The family of a British national who died while exploring the area around the John Compton dam is seeking to set the record straight. The family has taken issue with some of the official statements on the circumstances surrounding their father’s and husband’s untimely death. In a statement issued on Friday, the family represented by …
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As Saint Lucia celebrates Breast Feeding Month, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is seeking to help create an environment that supports breastfeeding. Ministry of Health officials said that while they continue to play their part in promoting breastfeeding, studies show that Saint Lucia’s rate of breastfeeding remains low. Chief Nutritionist, Lisa Hunt-Mitchell, said there […]

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The brother of one of the world’s best gymnasts Simone Biles has been charged with murder after a shooting which left three people dead. Tevin Biles-Thomas, 24, of Cleveland, was arrested on Thursday in Georgia over the New Year’s Eve incident. Police and prosecutors said that an “uninvited group” entered an Airbnb rental property in […]

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Hurricane Dorian strengthened to a Category 3 hurricane Friday, and it’s expected to stay “extremely dangerous” as it moves near the Bahamas and approaches the Florida coast, the National Hurricane Center said. There’s a good chance Dorian will power its way into a Category 4 with potentially catastrophic 140 mph winds before making landfall on […]

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The Department of Education would like to inform parents and guardians of students assigned to the School Transportation Subsidy programme for the Academic Year 2019/2020 of the following; •           Parents and guardians should make travel arrangements for students to their specific schools on the morning of Monday September 02, 2019. •           Students will be informed […]

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An Alabama judge has ordered that a man who robbed a bakery of $50.75 (£41.72) be released from his life sentence. Alvin Kennard, 58, was handed the harsh sentence under strict rules introduced in the 1970s to deter repeat offenders. The ruling provoked an emotional reaction from friends and family, who have been visiting Kennard […]

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