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By Akilah Holder I have always wondered if strict societal gender roles have helped in the creation of the false gender categories of lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism, bisexualism, asexualism and the like. And I have always wanted to explore it in great detail, but I have never done so. My interest in it, however, was rekindled […]

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By Arley Gill A Windies test series win against England at home is a commendable accomplishment. For so long the West Indies cricket, ranked eighth in the world, brought embarrassment on and off the field to cricket fans throughout the region. Now that we have something to shout about, let us do so. Since winning […]

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By Stephen Cooper Giving a speech at Georgetown University, late Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., said: “The Constitution is a sublime oration on the dignity of man.” However, after the Supreme Court’s February 7 refusal to stay devout Muslim Domineque Ray’s execution despite Ray’s unrebutted claim only Christian prisoners in Alabama are afforded a spiritual […]

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Dear Sir: Some revolutionaries capable of getting their revolutions started, for a period have success, but all eventually fail. Some other so-called revolutionaries are often little more than wannabes. Ralph Gonsalves is glaringly the latter. All his adult life he has tried to emulate Walter Rodney the Castro brothers, Maurice Bishop, Hugo Chavez and today’s […]

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Dear Sir: The deplorable decision of the Rowley government to discontinue the pursuit and construction of the National Oncology Centre is a monumental medical disaster for our country, in which there are approximately 3,000 new cancer patients each year. Cancer is the number one cause of death amongst women and second leading cause of death […]

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Dear Sir: Prime Minister Keith Rowley was being dishonest and deliberately misled the population by saying that the entire Curepe Interchange Project will cost $221.7 million. Is Rowley telling the country that the $221.7 million includes the cost of the 37 parcels of land and properties that are residential, commercial, agricultural, state owned and/or privately […]

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