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On July 3, 2018 the supermarket chain Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd implemented a 25 cents charge for the single-use plastic bags used for bagging groceries at checkout. The company stated that the strategy formed part of its commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly. It also indicated that proceeds from the plastic bag sales would be placed into a special fund to help with environmental awareness, recycling, waste collection and repurposing projects.

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Converting to compostable food service containers may be equally harmful to the environment and worse for our bodies, without imposing standards. This reporter began three weeks ago documenting per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs or fluorinated compounds) and the adverse health risks associated with long-term use and consumption. The chemicals are found in several products, including […]

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Saint Lucia’s Fisheries Department has denied reports that human remains were found inside a shark caught by Dennery fishermen last week. The department’s Information and Communications Officer Yvonne Edwin told HTS News that two Tiger sharks were actually caught. But she told the television network that there were no human remains found in any of […]

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The fall-out from IMPACS continues to be suffered by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and the wider Saint Lucian public that depends on it for its security. As Prime Minister Allen Chastanet mildly put it recently: “IMPACS has had a devastating effect on morale.” Our homicide figures don’t help. So far this year there have been 29, two the result of still unresolved police shootings.

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Caribbean air is in crisis. Turned into a noxious soup by vehicle emissions, cruise ship fumes, burning waste and industrial pollutants, air quality is the next frontier in the battle for better health. According to the United Nations, there are almost 14,000 premature deaths in the Caribbean each year caused by air pollution. Around the globe, bad air has become one of the biggest killers on the planet with the World Health Organisation linking this type of pollution to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It’s also been tied to premature birth rates and neurological disorders in children.

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By Ashley Louis Heavy Equipment Academy encourages students who did not succeed at CXC’s CSEC exams, that their future is still bright as ever. “A standardized academic exam does not define your potential and it definitely should not limit what you can accomplish. You still have options to begin profitable careers without limitations like CXC’s” […]

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As great as is the temptation to engage her in a couple rounds of tit-for-tat I must resist making a hullaballoo about the August 25 headline from the office of the prime minister’s wunderkind press secretary: “Saint Lucia Wins Another Round!” However, I can’t help wondering about her motives for stating on the one hand that the government of Saint Lucia has won another round in the on-going arbitration with RSM Production Corporation, Jack Grynberg’s Texas-based company, and on the other: “The latest order does not determine which party is correct on these matters. It relates only to the costs of the proceeding”—scheduled to come before the ICSID tribunal in February. How...

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Barbados Today:- A police operation at an unauthorized fete netted illegal firearms, ammunition on Thursday. Officers from the Antigun and Gangs Unit, The Tactical Response Unit (TRU), The Suppressing Criminal Activity Threatening Society Unit (SCATS), the Police Canine Unit as well as other uniformed police officers, conducted an operation in the area known as “The Bogota […]

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