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Barbados Today:- Two Colombians and a Romanian national two of whom were caught with fraudulent banking cards confessed to stealing money from various ATMs of Republic Bank when they appeared in the District “A” Magistrates Court earlier yesterday. Sorin Cretu, 42, the Romanian pleaded guilty to stealing $300 belonging to the bank on July 30; Colombian […]

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Every passing day brings with it the possibility of tragic news of his death. We try not to let it settle in that my brother Simeon Antoine, better known as Sempre, has disappeared into the abyss of cold case files. Every news item of an unknown body found, sends shivers down the backs of my family. Will this be the end of our waiting, our searching, and our crying? Will we finally get closure? Is this news of his death or is he still alive somewhere? The ticking clock clacks loudly in our ears day in and day out. It is not knowing that painfully yanks on our hearts all the time.

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The tourism industry has always been competitive, and there have always been many destinations on offer to entice a would-be traveller pondering their next trip. In recent years, competition has become supercharged as our economies have grown more global, and faster jet travel has made our world smaller, with millions of tourists now seeking a new location to get the perfect social media pics.

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Has the IMPACS report become a Sisyphean stone for DPP Daarsrean Greene? On Monday this week Prime Minister Allen Chastanet described before the press some of the difficulties confronting his administration in its pursuit of a judicial resolution of IMPACS, not least among them an absence of admissible evidence. He said: “On the campaign I promised, […]

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Police are investigating the shooting death of a man at La Ressource, Dennery early Saturday morning. The deceased has been identified as Kim Gustave of Odsan. Reports are that he was shot ‘execution style’. According to the reports, the victim was shot at point blank range as he watched Jouvert celebrations about 5.00 am. A […]

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 Saint Lucia’s House of Assembly: They say pictures speak volumes. But pictures can also be deceiving. Who can tell for certain which of the smiles featured are genuine and which are just grimaces in disguise? The more I listen to our social commentators, well-intentioned and otherwise, the more I am convinced that those who can […]

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Saint Lucia supports closer collaboration with Africa. “Given our historic and cultural ties to Africa, I have always been surprised that there hasn’t been greater collaboration between our two regions,” Prime Minister Allen Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page. The Saint Lucia PM visited Barbados for a day in his capacity as Chairman of […]

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Sky News:– Prince Andrew has been accused of touching the breast of a young woman at the home of a wealthy financier facing trial in the US, according to newly released legal documents. The allegation surfaced in a cache of legal papers unsealed by a US judge in a defamation case involving a British socialite […]

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Press Release:-  Memories of the 2019 Sandals Festival of the Arts have faded now for most team members. However, for Tasha Fanus and Johnnel Leo, every day is still a vivid reminder of their recent wins as they were among the contingent representing Sandals Saint Lucia at the main event held in Jamaica. Tasha, a […]

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