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Press Release:– The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy wishes to inform the public of the scheduled commencement of road rehabilitation works at Savanne George – Choiseul, on Monday, August 17, 2020. The scope of works includes repair of a damaged grill crossing across the carriageway located adjacent to the Zion Hill Pentecostal Church. These works […]

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The community of la Fargue, Choiseul was shattered by deadly violence on the weekend. Authorities are investigating the fatal shooting of 48-year-old Morrison joseph who was found unresponsive in a pool blood at his residence on Sunday July 26th, 2020. Its just the latest in a spate of violent crimes across the island, as Saint …
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Press Release:- The Saint Lucia National Trust commends the Honourable Bradley Felix, Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul and by extension the Government of Saint Lucia for their quick response to development work in the vicinity of one of Saint Lucia’s most significant heritage sites at Morne Sion in Choiseul. We applaud the efforts to negotiate with the […]

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Statement by the Saint Lucia National Trust: The Saint Lucia National Trust commends the Honourable Bradley Felix, Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul and by extension the Government of Saint Lucia for their quick response to development work in the vicinity of one of Saint Lucia’s most significant heritage sites at Morne Sion in Choiseul. We applaud […]

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The occupants of two vehicles which collided and burst into flames at Choiseul on Sunday escaped serious injury, emergency services say. The incident, which occurred at Réunion, saw both vehicles – a Honda Civic and a Chevrolet, being destroyed. According to emergency officials, both drivers declined when they were offered transportation via ambulance to a […]

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The leader of the opposition philip j. Pierre is setting the record straight on the ongoing debate over the Saint Lucia labor party’s Choiseul/Saltibus candidacy. Dr. Alphonsus st. Rose and his supporters have expressed disappointment in the SLP’s selection of dr. Pauline Prospere to contest the seat in the upcoming general elections. But the executive …
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The Saint Lucia Labour Party has issued a statement regarding developments in Choiseul, where some constituents have raised objection to the candidate selected by the party for the upcoming general elections. Individuals have signed a petition, pledging their support for Dr. Alphonsus St. Rose instead of endorsed Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere. (Read more about the aggrieved […]

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Some Saint Luica Labour Party (SLP) supporters in Choiseul have not taken lightly to the endorsment of Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere over Dr. Alphonsus St. Rose, as the candidate for the constituency. (The party has not officially announced the selection but in a video posted to social media this week, Dr. St. Rose confirms that he […]

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Supporters of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) are urging the executive of the party to reconsider the candidate being proposed to contest the Choiseul-Saltibus constituency in the next general elections in a video that was posted on social media. The video was recorded on Sunday during a meeting chaired by former Choiseul-Saltibus MP, […]

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