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Lamenting the poor condition of roads in Venus Estate and Belair, the Millet Minibus Association on Monday started a suspension of services to the areas until they are repaired. The Association’s president told the STAR the problem had been ignored by the authorities for several years; that last year’s dialogue with officials had proved futile. Yarde said his membership was left no other option but to withdraw its services for as long as necessary.

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Former and current employees of a local call centre are crying foul over what they claim is unfair treatment by their employer. The employees, who spoke to the STAR on condition of anonymity, allege the company is exploiting them by manipulating their working hours, consequently impacting their wages. The employees say they normally worked a 40-hour week, eight hour shifts daily. However, they allege various methods are used to deduct time from their hours worked.

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Dear Sir: In the past year or so, Gene Dziadyk and I have separately made serious complaints about the professional work of KPMG in relation to two separate matters. In his case, his complaint has been lodged with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT). In my case, the complaint has been […]
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