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Attorney at Law Mary Francis has expressed concern over violent mentally ill patients who are roaming the streets. She believes they should be institutionalised to ensure they get the medication they need, so that if they are released they do not pose a threat to the society. “If there is a problem in terms of […]

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Mayor of Castries Peterson Francis anticipates a host of new problems with the legalization of cannabis. Following a recent meeting with the cannabis commission, his worship says while he understands the stance of pro-cannabis movement, he believes more thought needs to go into the process of cannabis law reform.
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(BBC) – Retired Pope Benedict XVI has issued a defence of priestly celibacy in the Catholic Church as his successor considers easing a ban on married men serving as priests. Pope Benedict made the appeal in a book co-authored with Cardinal Robert Sarah. It comes in response to a proposal to allow married men to ...

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Attorney at Law Mary Francis is planning go on a campaign this year to ensure enforcement of environmental legislation. She is at her wits end dealing with a nuisance created by one of her neighbours in Sans Souci who has been renovating his property. The Attorney at Law disclosed that as a result of the […]

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(NEW YORK POST) — Pope Francis said he was sorry Wednesday for slapping the arm of an overzealous pilgrim who unexpectedly grabbed his hand in St. Peter’s Square — calling his actions a “bad example.” The pontiff, 83, made the impromptu apology during his first homily of the new year. “So many times we lose ...

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by Mary Francis Over the past months, complaints against Police have been received from persons who have been deemed to be mentally challenged and kept at the Wellness Centre without informed consent. In one case, only recently reported to me by the mother of one Ricky Mercedes who was picked up from his home in […]

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Attorney at Law Mary Francis believes Saint Lucia’s justice system needs an overhaul. “We all know that the infrastructure is wanting,” she told reporters recently as Saint Lucia observed International Human Rights Day. According to Francis, the courts are not operating from proper buildings. She noted that the Magistrates’ court for the past five years […]

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Human rights campaigner Mary Francis has asserted that people have the wrong impression that human rights advocacy is about supporting criminals and giving them a ‘free ride’. “That’s not who I am. I am all about the dignity of every human person, to make sure that their dignity is respected and that there is equality […]

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