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(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — As citizens went to sleep on Tuesday night uneasy and unsure of what yesterday’s dawn would bring, the country initially awoke to a sense of calm and quiet. But this did not last for long as residents from Beetham and Sea Lots joined together to stage what was initially called a peaceful […]

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The sound of protest action resonated through the streets of Vieux Fort for the second time in less than 14 days. The southern chapter of the anti-Chastanet protest movement was determined to find an outlet to express their disenchantment with the incumbent on Saturday, despite not receiving approval from the commissioner of police.
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CNN:- Protesters en route to demonstrate outside of the St. Louis mayor’s residence were walking on a private street when two armed individuals came out of a home brandishing weapons. Videos obtained by CNN show two individuals, a man with a long rifle and a woman with a handgun, holding their firearms outside a St. Louis […]

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Is the right to protest a privilege that can be revoked?  The recent occurrences regarding peaceful protest have me thinking and particularly with regard to the Public Order Act and how it is enforced in normal times i.e. without a State of Emergency.   Does the Constitution give us the right to protest? If so, why […]

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St Jude Hospital (SJH) employees Tuesday staged a protest over the presence at the medical facility of its Human Resource Director, who is at the centre of an investigation. Andrew Piltie had been sent on administrative leave amidst the ongoing probe. However an SJH official described his “brief’ presence Tuesday on the job as being […]

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Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery has spoken in the aftermath of claims that he instructed police officers to target protestors who were wearing red, the colour of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), during an ‘unlawful’ anti-government motorcade on Sunday. Outspoken government critic and Talk Show personality, Christopher Hunte, was arrested during the […]

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Stock Press News:- A Black Lives Matter protester slung an injured white counter-protester over his shoulder to carry him to safety during otherwise violent clashes between the rival groups that rocked London this weekend. But Patrick Hutchinson, a personal trainer, says he and his friends “did what they had to do” to stop the man, […]

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BBC News:– The White House Coronavirus Task Force cautioned governors this week that the massive protests sparked by George Floyd’s death could cause a rise in Covid-19 cases. “We respect the right of every American to exercise their First Amendment rights, but we want to encourage them to do so safely,” Vice-President Mike Pence said in […]

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A peaceful protest is in the works from the advocacy group black lives matter St. Lucia. The peaceful protest will act as reciprocity for the demonstration which is intended to be a show of solidarity with protest movement against police violence and racial injustice sweeping the us and the world.
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BBC News:- The National Football League has said players should be allowed to protest during the national anthem as rallies against racial discrimination continue. “We were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. The NFL had previously banned players from dropping […]

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